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"I am a 72 year old woman. I have neuropathy and myasthenia gravis, a lot of pain and weakness, but as soon as I put the socks on the pain is reduced by 80% and I have more support in my feet."⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dianne L.

NeuroSocks - Neuropathy Socks

NeuroSocks - Neuropathy Socks

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Foot pain? You don't need surgery, drugs, or injections to find relief.

Our revolutionary neuropathy socks are your feet's best friends

  • Reduces Swelling,Inflammation & discomfort
  • ​Say Good Bye to Your Heel & Arch Pain From Plantar Fasciitis
  • Foot and ankle stability increases, reducing the chance of injury.
  • ​Extremely Durable Fabric  4-Way compression technology.


We have an iron-clad risk-free 60-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product! If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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You’ve probably experienced the pain and discomfort of tired & achy feet. Tried everything from expensive physical therapy, painful foot massagers OR worst of all, just put up with the pain.

Now you don’t have to! NeuroSocks™ has been developed to instantly relieve foot pain, swelling and neuropathy as soon as you put them on.


Whether it’s caused by age, daily activity, an injury, stress, or a condition like plantar fasciitis, foot pain can have a major impact on your daily life.

Our medical grade NeuroSocks™ relieve the pain fast and help keep it from coming back.

Designed with input from foot experts for maximum support and to give you relief from aching feet, swollen heels and even painful foot neuropathy in seconds!

Created from a lightweight breathable fabric which resists moisture and odors so you can wear them anywhere and for however long you need.

No matter where you are when foot pain strikes, NeuroSocks™ is ready to fight back.


Swelling occurs when veins lose their ability to pump blood back against gravity and up the body.

And when your feet are swollen, this causes incredible pressure which is the source of the numbness and pain you feel.

NeuroSocks™use compression zone technology to provide relief from pain, inflammation and discomfort. The specialized weaves of solid elastic material create pressure on the muscles in your feet while also applying it at different points for more effective treatment; this means that you'll experience almost instant healing effects!

They're tighter around halfway up as well which gently pushes blood upwards away from the bottom of the feet which is amazingly soothing.


✔️ Eliminates Foot Pain: NeuroSocks™target the root cause of sore feet, to instantly eliminate pain.

✔️ Reduces Swelling:The unique design gently pushes blood upwards away from the bottom of your feet.

✔️ Fits Seamlessly Into Everyday Life: Lightweight fabric means you can wear it 24/7.

✔️ Podiatrist Approved: Designed with input from foot experts.


✔️ 3 Compressions Zones: Helps stabilize your feet to prevent injury and easy pain in three separate areas.

✔️ Compression Zone Technology: Designed using compression zone technology for instant relief.

✔️ Deep Cradle Heel Support: Keeps your feet straight and balanced for stability and posture.

✔️ Durable Fabric: Utilizing 4-way compression to easily stretch to your foot shape.

✔️ Non-Slip Cuff:Holds theNeuroSocks™securely in place.

✔️ Breathable & Lightweight: Resists moisture and odors.

  • Runners

  • Cyclists

  • Doctors

  • Hikers

  • Nurses

  • Seniors

  • 1

    Roll or fold the socks so its easier to put on.

  • 2

    Pull up the NeuroSocks™ until they are fully stretched.

  • 3

    Wear them during any daily activities for constant relief.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "My plantar fasciitis was severe and took over a year to fully resolve. I tried braces, sleeves, creams and eventually I saw a podiatrist.

    These are the second best thing that I used to help me with my plantar fasciitis. The best thing was my podiatrist and the steroid shot I received. These sleeves however, reduced and eventually eliminated my pain while walking.

    I tried a couple other brands they turned out to be worthless, but these work great. I would not wear any sleeve while sleeping."

    Rick N.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "Every morning when I got out bed, I felt the excruciating sharp pain shooting through my heel until I walked around for awhile. But I would still feel the pain throughout the day. After using your product for a week, on scale of 1 to 10, ten being the best, I'd give your product a 10. I was feeling pain from the tendonitis in my ankle at the same time feeling shooting pains from the base of my heel to mid-way insole of my foot.

    Because of the construction of your product, it allowed it to wear it inside my shoes, offering even pain-free support. I'm about 95 percent healed. Great product!!!"

    Georgia G.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    "These compression sock sleeves definitely work!

    I remembered a convo with a friend who mentioned he uses compression sock sleeves when he goes to bed to help alleviate plantar fasciitis pain, so decided to try it. I decided to go with this brand based on the reviews I read. As soon as I received them, I put them on before I went to bed.

    The next morning, I noticed the restless leg syndrome I was experiencing at night, the swelling in one ankle, and tightness I felt in both feet were gone! "

    Lex R.

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Each Purchase is backed by an iron-clad, “results or full refund” guarantee.

I know what you’re thinking now – “this seems great, but will it actually work as promised? Or is this another internet gimmick?”.

We get it. You’ve probably been burnt by other pain relief devices promising the world and failing to deliver.

And here’s why we’re different. Once you receive the product, you have 90 days to use it. If for some reason you don’t get foot pain relief…

Simply email our support team, and we will refund your purchase amount in full. We’ll even let you keep the product out of convenience.

That’s how confident we are that our device works.


What Are The Benefits of NeuroSocks™?

The benefits of wearingNeuroSocks™include:

1. Decreased pain and inflammation
2. Reduced swelling
3. Improved arch support without shoes

Do Compression Socks Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

While compression socks don’t provide the same support to the fascia the way custom orthotics do while standing or walking, they have the unique ability to provide relief for pain caused by plantar fasciitis while you’re off your feet. Even when you are not standing, the sock is supporting your foot with light pressure through the arch and soles of your feet. This support helps to maintain a small amount of stretch through the plantar fascia while simultaneously improving blood flow and calming swelling, reducing the pain.

Do NeuroSocks™ Work?

While they are not a curative treatment,NeuroSocks™can be a helpful addition to your healing toolbox. Plantar Fasciitis is an overuse injury, resulting from chronic cyclical loading of the tissue on the bottom of your foot. Treatments that aim to reduce the frequency or intensity of the load on your tissues may help to reduce your pain and other symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. The light pressure provided by the compression socks through the arch of the foot provides light support and can also reduce inflammation and swelling at the site of your pain.

Can I Wear Compression Socks For Plantar Fasciitis At Night?

Yes, compression socks can help to provide some relief while you sleep and for those first few painful steps in the morning. If you are like most people who suffer from plantar fasciitis pain, taking that first step out of bed every morning is generally the most painful time of day. This is, in part, because your plantar fascia rests in a shortened position while you sleep and is stretched quickly (and painfully!) with those first few steps. The light compression and mild arch support may help reduce the pain in those first steps out of bed in the morning.

Can I Cancel My Order?

Customers are able to cancel their order 24 hours after placing it before the order is shipped out for a full refund, no questions asked. Please email to cancel within the time period.

What Is Your Return Policy?

The 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. If you are not satisfied with the product, then let us know within 90 calendar days of receiving your order, and we will give you a full refund. The company might request additional information from the customer in case the device is reported as defective or faulty. The cost of shipping for returned items is covered by customers.

We do not refund refused packages or returned to the address not confirmed by our company. If you have an issue with your order or product please email

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We accept Paypal, Stripe, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JBC, Discover, Diners Club.

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