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TheraPatch™ - Back Pain Relief Patches

TheraPatch™ - Back Pain Relief Patches

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Bring back your groove with this sleeve that you’ll surely approve of!

You know that feeling when your knee joint hurts and you have to keep moving or else it will stiffen up? Your joints don't have their own blood supply so they need movement for nutrients.

The TheraKnee™ was developed to address the #1 problem people experience when it comes to knee pain. It has specific features that allow you to move freely WITHOUT ache and discomfort!

So you can get back to the things you love knowing that your knees are getting the nutrients they need and make knee pain a thing of the past.

Benefits of the TheraKnee™

TheraKnee™ takes the pain and power-up your knee with so much flexibility.

✅ Stays put

✅ One-size fits all

✅ Durable, breathable

✅ Provides a warming sensation to loosen-up stiff knee joints

✅ Slim and discreet

✅ Gives 24/7 support to your knee

✅ 90-day guarantee

Whenever knee pain strikes, these knee sleeves are the buddy you need!

Imagine a time when walking is as easy as it gets. Stairs were a breeze, going up and down with no hassle. You may not get any younger but you don’t have to bear the pain any longer.



TheraKnee™ is made from durable, breathable, lightweight fabric, ensuring comfort the whole day.


TheraKnee™ offers priority shipping worldwide with a tracking number.


Not satisfied? Return it within 90 days and get your money back. No questions asked!

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