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TheraTrax™ Pro - Lumbar Traction Device

TheraTrax™ Pro - Lumbar Traction Device

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Say GOODBYE! To back pain and expensive therapies


This stretching device will relieve back pain and restore your natural back curvature in just 7 minutes a day!

Benefits of the TheraPad™


Healthy: Effectively stretches your lower back to relieve pain and pressure while correcting posture imbalances

Relaxing: Ergonomically designed to help the misaligned spine to return to its normal position and relax the waist muscles

Protective: Your new wellness device is made of sturdy and high-quality lightweight material, easy to use, safe and fully adjustable

How important is your back health?

This is an FDA approved therapeutic device designed to provide uniform comfortability across the surface of your back. Light and compact: The patented TheraPad™ method combines lightness and comfortability to provide relief from short- and long-term muscle pain.

Get instant results with TheraPad™

TheraPad™ gives your senses back to your back when you need them most. It works as:

✓ Shoulder or neck massager

✓ Couch roll pad

✓ Knee and elbow massager

✓ Lower back massager

✓ You can use it on legs and feet, and more!




TheraPad™ is made from durable, breathable, lightweight fabric, ensuring comfort the whole day.


TheraPad™ offers priority shipping worldwide with a tracking number.


Not satisfied? Return it within 90 days and get your money back. No questions asked!


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